TomTom Schäfer, Percussion

The passionate percussion player toured around Europe with bands like Farfarello, Om Buschman, Papalagi and he was part of the live-movie project Deep Blue.

His second business is the editorial work and photography for Germany's leading drum magazine "Sticks". In 1997 Tom got in personal touch with master Phil Collins during the "Dance into the Light" Tour. Since these days he had a couple of encounters with Phil and some other musicians of the Genesis family.

TomTom is the editor of the "Drummers Cookbook" and tracked as studio musician for the German artist Westernhagen on the album "Alphatier".


Stefan Marenbach, Sound Engineer

Stefan grew up in a pretty village in the German Westerwald on his parent’s farm – which boasts having more cows than people. At the age of 18 due to his love of music and enthusiasm for technology he established his own Sound Service Company. He offered sound services for many local bands and worked as a Sound Engineer in several studios.

Whilst studying in Physics and Chemistry in Bonn he had a chance meeting with Still Collins Since then has fulfilled his role to the utmost in replicating the detailed, special live drum and vocal sound of Phil Collins with the greatest enthusiasm. He has been a defining factor in the live sound of Still Collins over the last 20 years and has stamped his mark on their signature sound.

Jürgen Lagemann, Light and Video Design

Jürgen has been active in light design for concerts, musicals and architectural installations since the tender age of 15. Jürgen is now the owner and CEO of PMA-Veranstaltungstechnik, a company for stage-, sound- and light service’s in the Western Münsterland in Germany but he still passionately enjoys running the light show for the Still Collins Concerts.